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COVID-19 UPDATE: MAY 22, 2020

To our friends and neighbors:

We would like to give an update regarding visitations and funeral services at this time as it relates to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Governor Bill Lee’s Executive Order which prohibited social gatherings (including funerals) of ten or more people has expired as it relates to funerals and visitations.  However, while not mandated, the latest Executive Order still encourages social distancing practices and strongly recommends the public aspect of services be postponed.

Going forward, unless restrictions are reinstated, it will be the sole discretion of  families to decide what arrangements they feel comfortable having for their loved one. We will adhere to CDC Guidelines to the extent most practicable. We will encourage social distancing, keeping six feet apart, asking visitors not to shake hands or give hugs and certainly anyone who wishes may wear a mask.  We will make every effort to keep our facility clean and sanitized. There is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public space where people are present.  By visiting the funeral home you are voluntarily assuming that risk.  We are all tired of hearing the term “social distancing” however it is for everyone’s protection.  Remember if you are in a high risk category and are unable to attend, everyone will understand.  As always, you may leave online condolences on our website or call and we will register your name for you.

Remember, if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, the flu or even the common cold, if you think you have been exposed or have traveled to any area highly affected by coronavirus, PLEASE stay home.

We have taken the last few weeks to make improvements to our facility.  So the next time you come by we will have a fresh coat of paint, new flooring and new pew covers. We will resume our regular business office hours 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday on May 26.  If you have any questions or concerns always feel free to contact us.

Messages for the Family

  1. Fran Cole says:
    I hope, at his age, Wayne Foster is staying home away from the crowds that might be starting to come back in there.
  2. Linda Key says:
    Thank you for this and earlier updates. Very well written with professionalism and with care for those you serve and those who want to visit.