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Fiddlers Grove

Main Street in Fiddler's Grove

Fiddlers Grove
captures what life was like at the turn of the twentieth century in Wilson County. The historical village consists of original and replicated buildings, including a one-room schoolhouse and a blacksmith cabin, an old doctor’s office and a jail.

The Stingtown General Store is a functioning gift and refreshment shop, and the starting point for the tours. Fiddlers Grove really comes alive during the Wilson County Fair with people dressed in period costume, bluegrass music and Civil War re-enactments.Fiddlers Grove mule

Through the generous donations of businesses and citizens of Wilson County, this part of history has been preserved for all to enjoy.

We were honored to be asked about building a funeral home in Fiddlers Grove. On August 18 2003, during the Wilson County Fair, we dedicated our building. One side of the building is set up as a funeral parlor, and the other side as an embalming room. Most of the funeral and embalming equipment inside the building was used by Mr. Ligon and Mr. and Mrs. Bobo. In 2009, an addition was built on to house the antique Sayers & Scovill horse drawn hearse.   We are proud to be a part of Fiddlers Grove, just as we are proud to be a part of Wilson County.